Our Company was incorporated on January 21, 1997 as a private limited in state of Rajasthan. Subsequently, the registered office of the Company was shifted from Rajasthan to New Delhi w.e.f. December 01, 1998.

The name of the Company has changed from Bon Lon Steels Private Limited to Bonlon Industries.Ltd Private Limited with effect from February 26, 2019. Further the Company has also converted its status into Public Limited Company with effect from March 29, 2019.

The Company has been principally engaged in the business of both manufacturing as well as trading of various kinds of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for more than 21 years now. The main metals used in our business operations are copper, aluminum, zinc & tin and the products in which we deal are rods

Recently in 2018 , in order to synergize the operations and attaining higher business efficiencies, three of our group companies were amalgamated with our companies which were engaged in different industries i.e. Metal, Hotel and Civil Construction industry. As a result of such amalgamation, our Company is continuing its operations in the said business segments under one name one roof.